City and Islington College Hosts Korean Bio-Meister students on a Customised English & Applied Science Programme

Biomeister students

City and Islington College recently welcomed a group of 10 students from Korea Bio Meister High School (KBM) to take part in a 6 week course completing a customised English and Applied Science Programme.

The students celebrated the completion of their course at a certificate presentation held at the College’s Centre for Applied Sciences (CAS) in London, where they presented their final projects to the CAS faculty, City and Islington College.

The students attended classes, alongside UK students, covering topics such as practical chemistry analysis, genetics and microbiology. CIC also hosted forensic science workshops assisting Crime Scene Investigation; a particular highlight for the students.

The pupils also took part in a visit to Oxford Natural History Museum, where they were guided around artifacts such as dinosaur and dodo skeletons. Students were then given the privilege to hear from a special guest lecturer at the University of Oxford, one of the world’s leading universities.

CIC also gave students the opportunity to have a private tour of the Francis Crick institute, a centre of excellence in biomedical research, where they explored the laboratories and met with researchers.

For the final project demonstration, the students delivered complex digital presentations covering experiments such as ‘How pure is your aspirin?’ and investigating the percentage of alcohol in wine.

The programme is led by Steven Ollie, Curriculum Manager for Science who was thrilled with the students’ progress in both their English language skills and their scientific studies.

Overall feedback from students was very positive with 100% of students rating the cultural visits and English and Science courses as excellent.

This is the first time the College’s Centre for Applied Sciences has hosted a bespoke international programme and with continued development of the course and further positive feedback from students, CIC are proud to continue this relationship with Korea Bio Meister High School.